Cyber Skills Training

The Economic Crime Academy has worked with renowned industry experts to produce our exciting range of cyber skills courses.


Continually updated to ensure they retain cutting edge content, our internet investigations courses will be of huge value to delegates who need to find open source intelligence.  Pitched at both foundation and advanced levels, you'll be astonished at the depth of information freely available online.


Our understanding cybercrime course is created specifically for non-technical delegates.  It examines the concepts of cyber-enabled crime, demystifies complex language and gives a full understanding of how to react to threats.  Perfect for managers, executives and analysts alike, who need to fully comprehend the issues without going into the 'how'.  


Internet Investigator - Foundation


The course is divided into six modules, each of which will improve an individual’s ability to work with current Internet technologies and will help them to understand the control and investigative systems presented to them. Because of the rapidly changing nature of open source investigations, this course is designed to be truly cutting edge and the exact content will be updated constantly.



Cyber and technology are now an integral part of almost every investigation that we carry out. This can be from offenders using simple internet technologies to communicate with each other through to pure cyber, crimes such as hacking attacks on large organisations.


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Internet Investigator - Advanced


This course aims to develop the skills obtained on the Foundation Course and further explore the opportunities available to an investigator or researcher when exploring the Internet. Delegates should make sure that they are competent in the areas covered by the foundation course before attending.



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Introduction to Cyber-Enabled Crime


The course uses a non-technical approach and is designed to be accessible to everyone. Taught by a trainer with 30 years of high-tech crime management experience across the globe, this course is interactive and packed with interested and relevant case examples. The course is perfect for those who need to understand this massively complex area, whether as board level executives trying to understand the risks and necessary defences, people who manage technical specialists, or analysts who need to be able to explain these issues to a wider audience.



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