Volume and Priority Fraud Investigations Course

With fraud cases on the rise, police forces across the UK are increasing capacity to handle a high number of volume and priority frauds.  This course is designed to give investigators in the public and private sector the knowledge and skills to conduct effective investigations into fraud offences, legally securing documentary evidence from outside sources.


  • Explain the nature of frequently-reported fraud types
  • Identify the key enablers of fraud
  • Summarise the Fraud Investigation Model (FIM)
  • Understand case management considerations specific to fraud investigations
  • Explain the powers and procedures which enable investigators to effectively recover and seize relevant material during fraud investigations


Who this course is for

Law enforcement personnel who conduct volume and priority fraud investigations

Entry requirements



Three days of tutor led training


This course is currently only available to commission in-house for your volume and priority teams.  Fees will vary depending on the location you choose - please contact us for more details

Course Content

Delegates will develop their understanding of how to use Golden Hour Principles to conduct fraud investigations by using the Fraud Investigation Model and developing intelligence through use of the legal gateways available.

Covering key legislation, including PACE, the Fraud and Theft Acts and POCA, the course provides the thorough grounding needed by volume and priority investigators and those in receipt of NFIB packages.

The course outlines the categories of fraud and introduces the Fraud Investigation Model as the basis for handling volume and priority fraud.  Delegates will consider the factors needed to evaluate the crime, then identify the case management considerations which will be required to effectively process these crime types. 


  • Continuous Feedback throughout the course



This course is certified by the Commissioner of the City of London Police

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