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Become an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist - Study with the professionals.

15 March 2016 | Public
Published on 15 March 2016

Both in the public and private sectors, the post nominal initials ACFS indicate a qualified and competent counter-fraud professional.  For practitioners it grants recognition of their ...

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Zero tolerance and the corporate defence

09 March 2016 | Public
Published on 09 March 2016

Your adequate procedures seem sufficient, your tone at the top is robust, and everyone in your London office understands that the reason James was escorted out was the company’s zero ...

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Urgent Alert from NFIB - Online Extortion Demand Affecting UK Businesses

01 March 2016 | Public
Published on 01 March 2016

We've just received notification from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau that a significant number of reports have been made to Action Fraud in the past 24 hours regarding extortion ...

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