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The Economic Crime Academy is the UK's pre-eminent supplier of economic crime related skills training.  We provide a wide range of courses covering the economic crime spectrum, in addition to a number of bespoke packages.  

Introduction To Cyber-Enabled Fraud

Economic Crime Academy

The course delivers a clear illustration of how modern criminals exploit technology to steal sensitive data or commit cyber-enabled financial frauds. The sessions are jargon-free and employ a large set of non-technical images and practical demonstrations of simple concepts, as well as numerous real life examples of cyber-enabled fraud and other crimes. Our prices for the course are different for the Public Sector - please contact us for details. Please note our courses will only run if sufficient numbers of delegates subscribe to the course, this is to ensure the best possible learning experience.

There are currently no events scheduled for this course.

• Examine the cyber-enabled fraud landscape in the UK
• Explore a variety of criminal motives that drive the growth of cybercrime
• Discuss the security vulnerabilities that expose victims
• Understand the fundamentals of cybercrime evidence and digital forensics
• Review the relevant offences and penalties
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