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Volume And Priority Fraud Investigations

Economic Crime Academy

The course provides delegates with the knowledge to conduct effective investigations into fraud offences, legally securing documentary evidence from outside sources. Delegates will develop their understanding of how to use Golden Hour Principles to conduct fraud investigations by using the Fraud Investigation Model and developing intelligence through use of the legal gateways available. The course forms the first part of the Specialist Fraud Investigator Programme and as such is not suitable for detectives undertaking serious and complex cases; these officers should undertake the full Specialist Fraud Investigator Programme instead. Please note our courses will only run if sufficient numbers of delegates subscribe to the course, this is to ensure the best possible learning experience.

There are currently no events scheduled for this course.

Key Legislation covered
 PACE 1984
 Computer Misuse Act 1990
 PIDA 1998
 Fraud Act 2006
 POCA 2000
 Theft Act 1968
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