Investigating International Money Laundering



The course is designed for those who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in investigating international money laundering. The course will also assist investigators in how to identify money

laundering activities carried out by individuals and organised crime groups. 



Who this course is for

Those wanting to develop their skills who are employed in the private, public sector or third sector

Entry requirements

This course is suitable for all counter fraud specialists of experience.


3 days tutor led sessions.




Overarching learning outcomes

Following completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

• Describe the term ‘money laundering’.

• Understand the stages involved in money laundering.

• Identify suspicious transactions which indicate money laundering in financial transactions, both nationally and internationally.

• Describe how the internet is used to facilitate money laundering.

• Explain how offshore jurisdictions are commonly used to launder the proceeds of crime.

• Describe how trusts are used in the money laundering process.

• Recognise how stocks and bonds are used by individuals and organised crime groups to launder the proceeds of crime.

• Understand the international response to money laundering.

• Conduct preliminary investigations in a confident and professional manner.