Introduction to cyber-enabled fraud

Or "Everything you always wanted to know about Cyber but were too afraid to ask".

Specifically designed for non-technical attendees

The cyber world looks hugely complex and can be daunting for the non-specialist. With increasing priority being given to cyber threats, and with the growing impact of cybercrime generally, it is important to ensure that non-specialists in fraud control, policing, risk, audit and security understand what the evolving issues are and how to cut through the jargon. 


  • Develop a strong awareness of cyber-enabled fraud & other financial crimes
  • Gain the confidence to ask the right questions of technical experts:
  • During the prevent phase
  • During an incident
  • In the course of an investigation or root cause analysis
  • While taking statements
  • Encrypted comms, devices and hidden files
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities online
  • Sniffing attacks and session hijacks
  • Data thefts and code injections, as featuring in many high-profile cases
  • Denial of Service attacks against financial firms
  • Ransomware and other forms of malware (Viruses, Worms & Trojans)
  • Malicious web pages, Botnets and Malnets
  • Cyber-enabled fraud in the Cloud
  • Gain the knowledge required to explain your findings clearly while giving evidence
  • See numerous examples of current cyber-enabled fraud & social engineering


Get plain language explanations of key technical tools criminals are using today:

  • Learn how fraudsters gather information and spot potential victims online
  • Demystify the Deep Web and the Darknet
  • Witness how bitcoin is being used to facilitate many cyber-enabled crimes
  • Hear about the impact of the Internet of Things on the shape of cyber-enabled fraud

Who this course is for

Non-technical attendees from Law enforcement, internal audit, fraud departments, IT audit, risk, security, loss prevention, financial fraud departments, investigators in the private sector and government, finance, retail, government, legal, insolvency sectors..

Entry requirements

This programme is suitable for all regardless of experience or technical knowledge


Two days of tutor led training




  • Our prices are different for law enforcement and public sector - call us for details
  • We can also offer a multiple bookings discount

Learning objectives:

  • Examine the cyber-enabled fraud landscape in the UK
  • Explore a variety of criminal motives that drive the growth of cybercrime
  • Discuss the security vulnerabilities that expose victims
  • Understand the fundamentals of cybercrime evidence and footprints
  • Gain awareness of cutting-edge challenges such as the Darknet, crypto-currencies and evolving technologies


The course uses a non-technical approach and is designed to be accessible to everyone.  Taught by a trainer with 30 years of high-tech crime management experience across the globe, this course is interactive and packed with interested and relevant case examples.  The course is perfect for those who need to understand this massively complex area, whether as board level executives trying to understand the risks and necessary defences, people who manage technical specialists, or analysts who need to be able to explain these issues to a wider audience.


Following a full introduction into the nature and extent of cyber-enabled crimes, delegates will learn about motives, the stages of a typical attack, and look at the typical profiles of cyber criminals.  The course then covers an enormous range of cyber-security vulnerabilities, explaining network attacks, malware, botnets, man in the middle attacks and web exploits.  Delegates will study the risks from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and how cyber criminality is turning into an on-demand service using readily available toolkits. 

The course uses simple illustrations of real cases and a real minimum of jargon.  It is ideal for individuals who need to understand the cyber-enabled fraud threats and vulnerabilities without requiring the deep technical knowledge of cyber-security practitioners – if you can’t already explain the topics above, this course is for you!  


Your trainer’s biography

Mark Johnson is a former drug enforcement officer with global experience of corporate security operations within several high tech firms, including Ericsson, Nortel, Alcatel and Cable & Wireless.

For the past 10 years, he has delivered training and consultancy to the UK Police, the United Nations, Europol and the Home Office. His particular strength is in demystifying complex technical crime scenarios for non-technical audiences.



  • Ongoing feedback throughout the course



This course is certified by the Commissioner of the City of London Police

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