Investigative Interviewing -4 day course

Our four day investigative interviewing course covers both witness and suspect interviews. Based on a strong understanding of the functionality of memory, delegates will learn current techniques for achieving thorough and accurate recall of events.

  • Understand how the memory works and how to effectively maximise memory recall
  • Understand the key differences between suspect and witness interviews
  • Understand the main precepts of the PEACE model, and how to use it to effectively manage an interview
  • Demonstrate effective questioning techniques and rapport building
  • Demonstrate how an interview under caution can be used within both criminal and civil law

Who this course is for

Interviewers from all sectors who are involved in questioning both witnesses and suspects

Entry requirements

This course is suitable for all regardless of experience


The course consists of four days of highly interactive tutor-led training


For more information or to book a place, please call us on 020 7601 6846



  • Early bird discounts are available for advance bookings. 
  • Our prices are different for law enforcement and public sector - call us for details
  • We can also offer a multiple bookings discount


Course Content

Using interactive case studies our investigative interviewing course enables delegates to understand how the memory works, how to effectively maximise memory recall and explain the suggestibility factors that can contaminate the memory.

The delegate will understand how to effectively manage a conversation, describe effective question types and how to create the optimum environment for effect interviews. The delegate will be able to demonstrate how to apply the PEACE model in practical situations.  They will identify and demonstrate effective questioning techniques and rapport building.


This course is practical in nature and involves a significant level of interaction. Covering both witness and suspect interviews, the course examines the use of interviews under caution as a practical and powerful tool for both criminal and civil litigation.



  • This course is continuously assessed with both formative and formal feedback given by the tutors


This course is certified by the Commissioner of the City of London Police