Accredited Counter Fraud Manager

Our management programme is aimed at Senior Investigating Officers and Managers supervising economic crime cases. Focussing on strategy and decision making, the programme builds on the Fraud Investigation Model and covers best practice for law enforcement in guiding investigations.

  • Understand the role of the senior investigating officer in serious and complex fraud cases utilising the Fraud Investigation Model
  • Understand the decision making process when selecting a methodology for an investigation
  • Demonstrate how to make effective key decisions and develop investigative strategies
  • Understand the benefits of working with other agencies and advisory groups when managing investigations
  • Understand the operational risks that may arise when investigating serious and complex fraud cases and how to mitigate them

Who this course is for

Financial Crime Managers, Senior Investigating Officers, Fraud Unit DIs and senior public sector investigators

Entry requirements

Delegates should have a strong understanding of economic crime and be working in a management role within their organisation. 


Five days of tutor led training



Please note that this course is only available to law enforcement

Course Content

The management of fraud investigations course has been designed to enable the delegate to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to manage both volume and complex fraud cases. The course is targeted at supervisors who hold responsibility for managing fraud investigation teams and making investigative strategic decisions.

The course allows for delegates to integrate and work together to share experiences and form an understanding of fraud investigation. The aim of the course is to activate best practice principles within the minds of the delegates and it will enable the delegate to both understand and implement the Fraud Investigation Model (FIM).

By applying the key aspects of the FIM whilst working through several reality based scenario’s the delegate will explore and study the following core stages of a fraud investigation;

  • Case instigation
  • Desktop evaluation and golden hour principles
  • Disruption tactics and alternative sanctions
  • Investigative strategy
  • Policy and key decision logs
  • Partner agency working and formulating memorandums of understanding
  • Exit strategy and the end game

During the course recent legislative criminal law and procedural issues relevant to fraud investigation will be covered.

It is expected that everyone will finish the course in possession of a toolbox full of the most effective tools that will give them the confidence and ability to tackle the most complex of fraud challenges.    

All delegates will receive a copy of the Blackstone’s senior investigating officer’s handbook. 




  • Ongoing assessment throughout the course
  • Decision logs formally assessed


This course is certified by the Commissioner of the City of London Police

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