Policing Elections and Investigating Electoral Fraud Curriculum


Never before has the policing of elections and the investigation of allegations of election malpractice been under so much scrutiny. The current political climate, both internal and international, has enhanced the spotlight on the British democratic political system. Emotions are running high; it is imperative that those with responsibility for ensuring fair and transparent elections take place are seen to do so effectively and that a robust approach is taken to investigating allegations of election malpractice. This responsibility is shared between the Electoral Commission and the Police.

The aim of this course is to ensure that the delegate understands the key roles and responsibilities of the nominated police election SPOC and those employed to investigate election malpractice. By learning the necessary legislation and procedure, obtaining an awareness of political culture and understanding the effect that an election can have on such a culture, the delegate will be in a better state of readiness to deal with any potential critical incident.


Who is the course for?

Those officers and supervisors who hold the role of Election SPOC for their respective force, or who are involved in the investigation or management of investigations of election malpractice and fraud. 


Entry Requirements




Two-day trainer-led course


Course Content

Understanding the role of the Electoral Commission.

Understanding the role of the local authority electoral services office

Understanding the electoral process

The role of the SPOC

Preparing for local/PCC/mayoral and national elections


Political culture and dealing with individuals involved in that culture

DPP liaison



There is a multiple-choice examination on the second day. Pass mark 60% 



The course is certified by the Commissioner of the City of London Police.