Open-Source Intelligence for Fraud Investigations – Foundation

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Open-Source Intelligence for Fraud Investigations – Foundation

This course introduces practitioners to the internet tools that support the investigation of and research into fraud.  Learners will improve their ability to work with current internet technologies and understand the control and investigative systems presented to them.  Due to the rapidly changing nature of open-source investigations, this course is designed to be truly innovative and will be continually updated.

A wide range of practitioners including law enforcement, internal audit, fraud departments, investigators in the private sector and government, finance, retail, government, legal and insolvency sectors.

No previous experience needed.

  • How criminals use the internet and using tools for investigation and research
  • Understanding search engine jargon
  • Working with digital footprints
  • Working with current technologies relevant to fraud investigation
  • Understanding investigative systems and how to prepare for the future


The course is divided into six modules.

Module One – e-Crime – how criminals use the Internet

An overview of e-crime, current trends, online fraud and identity theft, Wi-Fi exposures, phishing scams, abuse of the web, and social media.


Module Two – Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW)

Explore the World Wide Web (WWW) vs. the Internet, IP (internet Protocol, and DNS (domain name system).  Understand Internet protocols (http, https, ftp) and URLs (Uniform Resource Locator).  Learn how to effectively use a web browser and Internet cache for deleting and retrieving information


Module Three – Search Engines

Learn about surface search vs deep web search, index vs directory searching, Meta search engines, Automated search techniques, Semantic and cluster search engines, Boolean operators, wild cards and advanced operators and searching outside the UK.  Take a look at Google under the spotlight.


Module Four – Social Media Investigations

Learn how to find someone on social media.  Explore people and company search sites, social network intelligence and monitoring tools, reverse image search and blog searching.


Module Five – Investigating Online

Determine the owner of a website.  Understand IP & DNS lookup and WHOIS tools and how to use them as well as block-list checks.  Learn how to review a webpage or site that is offline.


Module Six – Protecting your ID when Online

Examine how transparent you are, how to disguise your ID, and how to use Internet proxy servers.  Learn how to protect your browser and examine security issues going forward.

Two-day trainer-led course.

This course is delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Ongoing assessment during the course

Certificate from the Commissioner of the City of London Police


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