Top 10 tips for ABC activity

Top 10 tips for ABC activity

14 January 2016

The Economic Crime Academy's Mike Betts has revealed his top 10 tips for your ABC policies.


As well as delivering our industry-leading training programmes, the Academy devotes a lot of resources to interacting with companies and other public sector bodies to help with strategy, policy and individual cases. 


At these meetings, it often becomes apparent that as well as some of the more in depth recommendations we make, there are some simple pointers that are needed.  We asked our Head of Training and international anti-bribery expert Mike Betts to come up with his top ten tips for quickly improving your ABC stance:


  1. Get the tone at the top right – lead by example (ethics, governance and presence)
  2. Resource the ABC activity
  3. Under take a Bribery and Corruption risk assessment to understand the risks – take into consideration current and proposed business
  4. Respond to identified risks and reports of Bribery in a proportionate manner
  5. Embed ABC within current policies and procedures
  6. Ensure effective ‘speak up’ process
  7. Develop and deliver appropriate training to all those associated with organisation
  8. Understand organisational liability under Section 7 of the Bribery Act 2010 (unlimited fine)
  9. Ensure to understand and apply due diligence to business associates
  10. Understand that bribery is a significant financial crime risk and failure to have adequate procedures is a matter for the FCA (substantial fines)


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