Economic Crime Academy releases new Cyber training

Economic Crime Academy releases new Cyber training

15 January 2016

The Economic Crime Academy has launched a new suite of courses to cope with the growing demand in the cyber arena.


As part of our ambition to remain at the forefront of economic crime training, we’ve built relationships with leading experts in cyber enabled fraud and open source investigations to bring these vital skills to financial crime and fraud capabilities across the UK. 


Cyber Enabled Fraud


Almost all fraud now includes cyber elements, whether in initial phishing attempts or high level hacking.  In fact, fraud and cyber crime are now so intrinsically linked that everyone involved in fraud prevention or investigation needs a strong understanding of a lot of previously cyber-only concepts.


Academy associate Mark Johnson has developed a course aimed at, in his words, demystifying the complex.  Mark Johnson is a former drug enforcement officer with global experience of corporate security operations within several high tech firms, including Ericsson, Nortel, Alcatel and Cable & Wireless.  For the past ten years he has delivered training and consultancy to the UK Police, the United Nations, Europol and the Home Office.


Our new course, Introduction to Cyber-Enabled Fraud, is booking now for 29th-30th March.  The course is perfect for anyone requiring a plain language introduction to the topic – particularly professionals from financial services risk, compliance, governance and audit, the legal profession, telecommunications, corporate security, local government and policing.


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Internet Investigators


The Academy is also proud to announce two new open source intelligence courses, the first of which, our Internet Investigators Foundation Course, is running 29th February to 1st March. Open source investigations, looking at the huge range of material freely available to support investigations via the internet, is a huge growth area within the investigative world and particularly within fraud. 


This course aims to introduce fraud investigators to the concepts and the world around the Internet and its supporting tools for investigation/research. It will improve delegates’ ability to work with the current Internet technologies and to understand the control and investigative systems presented to them and to be able to prepare for the future.


Academy associate Dr Stephen Hill, a renowned expert in his field, has created this course with a particular view to enhancing the skills of investigators in the financial crime world.  Dr Hill’s level of expertise is unparalleled and we are expecting this course to be extremely popular.


Our second venture with Dr Hill, the Internet Investigators Advanced Course, will also soon have dates available for booking.   Follow us on LinkedIn to make sure you receive details about this and other events. 


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