Economic Crime Academy spreads its wings at home and abroad

Economic Crime Academy spreads its wings at home and abroad

24 February 2016

The City of London Police is the National Policing Lead for Fraud and a key component of the Government’s response to fraud and cyber-crime. The force’s Economic Crime Directorate is home to Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, the Fraud Squads, the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department and the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.


Importantly the City of London Police also hosts an expanding and evolving Economic Crime Academy, which draws upon the Economic Crime Directorate’s experience and expertise to create cutting edge courses for agencies and individuals involved in the prevention, detection and investigation of economic crime. Delegates are drawn from police forces, public sector bodies and companies, with national and international attendees getting to choose from a widening range of courses. The newest of these are taking place in February and March 2016 and are designed to improve on an individual or company’s ability to understand the cyber landscape and the fundamentals of cybercrime evidence and digital forensics. Commenting on the new training opportunities, Mike Betts, Head of Training Delivery at the Economic Crime Academy said:


“Cyber enabled crime is a threat to individuals and organisations as it is increasingly used to facilitate crime resulting in significant financial harm. These exciting new courses are designed to help those combating cyber enabled crime understand the jargon, navigate the cyber landscape and gather intelligence from the internet.


The Academy is also gaining a reputation for designing bespoke courses for private sector clients. Recently they welcomed to the Square Mile Standard Chartered Bank’s investigation managers from around the world. The sixteen delegates, from London, UAE, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Kenya, and Nigeria, spent a fortnight in the City of London attending the Academy’s new Investigative Techniques programme. Working closely with the bank to meet the challenges of banking based investigations in the current environment, the Academy designed the curriculum to cover in-depth the investigative skills and strategies needed to effectively tackle financial crime. The programme was approved by the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditations Board and delegates who successfully completed their studies were awarded ‘accredited’ status and gained 40 educational credits that can be used in further studies with the University of Portsmouth.


The international aspect of the Academy’s work was further evidenced in the autumn when it delivered four bespoke training programmes to the Security Service of Ukraine. Over the course of two weeks they gave anti-bribery training to more than 40 specialists, boosting the Ukrainian Government's efforts to reduce corruption. Ukraine's efforts to embrace a stringent anti-corruption framework come as a result of requirements imposed by the IMF in return for its $15bn aid programme. A key problem was illustrated when Transparency International reported that the police themselves are one of the biggest recipients of bribery. In establishing a new Anti-Corruption Bureau Ukraine has taken a significant step towards combating these problems. As well as investing in training from the Economic Crime Academy's internationally renowned experts Ukraine's government is taking the step of hiring brand new entrants into this new anti-bribery taskforce, rather than drawing on current resources.


Director of the Economic Crime Academy, Kathy Hearn, said:


“The Economic Crime Academy is expanding in terms of range and reach, with our trainers delivering financial crime courses to delegates from the City of London, across the UK and around the world. The learning they are passing on is crucial to agencies and organisations better understanding the threat they face from economic crime and the steps they need to take to stop it and investigate it.”


For more information about the Economic Crime Academy and the courses they have available please call 020 7601 6846. Alternatively please email 

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