Our New Prospectus Launches Today

Our New Prospectus Launches Today

05 April 2016

The Economic Crime Academy, leading provider of counter fraud and anti-bribery training, has today released its 2016-2017 prospectus.


Since 2012, we have continually channelled our operational learning into a unique training institution – the Economic Crime Academy. Working closely with our colleagues at Action Fraud and the National

Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), we can incorporate real data on intelligence, information on emerging threats, and case studies from real crime into our teachings. We developed the standard for the Fraud Investigation Model which underpins the work of detectives across the UK.


No other training provider can lay claim to such resources  or expertise, making the Academy the leader in its field.


Our 2016-2017 prospectus sees big changes to our curriculum.  As the fraud world merges more comprehensively with the world of cyber crime, with 80% of fraud now including a cyber element, we’ve adapted our training to include more cyber elements.  This includes three brand new courses, two aimed at using the internet to improve your investigations, and one aimed at understanding the threat of cyber-enabled fraud. 


Director of the Academy, Kathy Hearn, said:


“The Academy is proud to be at the forefront of excellence in investigative practice.  In addition to our industry leading investigative skills courses, we’ve expanded our curriculum this year in conjunction with renowned cyber experts to provide our delegates with exceptional open source intelligence courses and our popular understanding cyber enabled fraud training. 


We’re also excited to announce our new Investigative Techniques Programme, aimed at the financial services sector, and developed in conjunction with Standard Chartered Bank.  This accredited programme forms a cutting edge standard for investigative practice across the financial sector. It is currently available only as an in-house commission, and will be tailored to take into account the established working practices and policies of each client.”


To read about all of our courses, download the new prospectus now or visit our website

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