Understanding Cyber Enabled Fraud - New dates available!

Understanding Cyber Enabled Fraud - New dates available!

06 April 2016

Due to very high demand we've added additional Understanding Cyber Enabled Fraud courses to our schedule. 


Priced at just £700, this two day course aims to demystify the world of cyber enabled fraud. 


The course uses a non-technical approach and is designed to be accessible to everyone. Taught by a trainer with 30 years of high-tech crime management experience across the globe, this course is interactive and packed with interested and relevant case examples. The course is perfect for those who need to understand this massively complex area, whether as board level executives trying to understand the risks and necessary defences, people who manage technical specialists, or analysts who need to be able to explain these issues to a wider audience.


Following a full introduction into the nature and extent of cyber-enabled crimes, delegates will learn about motives, the stages of a typical attack, and look at the typical profiles of cyber criminals. The course then covers an enormous range of cyber-security vulnerabilities, explaining network attacks, malware, botnets, man in the middle attacks and web exploits. Delegates will study the risks from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and how cyber criminality is turning into an on-demand service using readily available toolkits.


Finally, delegates will gain a strong understanding of the appropriate ways to respond to cyber crime, learning about the potential impacts and regulatory frameworks within the UK.


The course uses simple illustrations of cases and a real minimum of jargon. It is ideal for individuals who need to understand the threat and issues without requiring the deep technical knowledge of practitioners – if you can’t already explain the topics above, this course is for you!


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