Fraudsters Targeting Senior Executives

Fraudsters Targeting Senior Executives

08 April 2016

The Proactive Intelligence Team (PIT) has become aware of a method whereby fraudsters target residential premises specifically in affluent areas of London and steal post to identify senior executives within companies and organisations.


Once the fraudster has stolen the mail, open source research is conducted to identify if the victim works within a suitable position to ultimately become a target. The fraudster uses social engineering to gather information on them and their employer and then contacts the organisation (purporting to be the victim) to carry out mandate and payment diversion fraud on the company.


Fraudsters target letterboxes at residential addresses that lack security and CCTV to steal victims’ mail, specifically banking documentation and personal correspondence.


To prevent being a victim of this type of crime be sure to check your mailbox on a regular basis, personally assess where your mail is deposited for vulnerabilities and consider added security measures.


The Proactive Intelligence Team discovers new methodologies and emerging fraud trends by proactively engaging with convicted fraudsters, industry experts and confidential informants. Sanitised information is passed direct to industry and the wider community. Any referrals or questions regarding the content of this alert can be sent to:


If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online at: or by telephone: 0300 123 2040.

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