Pilot Specialist Fraud Investigator Programme delivered in Guernsey

22 June 2018

The Economic Crime Academy made the journey over to Guernsey recently where, for the first time, our trainers delivered the Academy’s Specialist Fraud Investigator Programme to those in their economic and/ or financial crime team.

In February 2018, the Academy’s Specialist Fraud Investigator Programme was recognised and integrated into the College of Policing’s  Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP) – which focuses on developing fraud investigative skills for police officers and staff across the UK.

The eight day course was delivered to a number of delegates by Steve Taylor and Ian Lockie and was supported by the Academy’s Head of Training and Skills Mike Betts.

The programme is designed to prepare delegates to effectively investigate fraud and related offences. The trainers delivered sessions on a number of relevant topics, including Fraud Typologies, Fraud Enablers, Investigating Bribery and the Fraud Investigation Model.

To support the delivery of the programme specialist fraud mentoring training was delivered to the mentors, so that they’re suitably equipped to provide support to the delegates during the portfolio process.

The delegates involved will now have six months to build up a work-based portfolio and submit it to their mentors.

Commenting on this pilot, Mike Betts said:

“The Economic Crime Academy delivers training to a number of countries across the world to help build the international counter fraud capability and capacity. Guernsey should be congratulated on recognising the importance of this training.

“We’re delighted with the feedback we got for this programme – all of the delegates were really enthusiastic and fully engaged in the learning event.”

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