Economic Crime Academy receives funding to train hundreds more fraud investigators

Economic Crime Academy receives funding to train hundreds more fraud investigators

20 December 2018



  • The ECA has received two years of funding from the Home Office
  • ECA will deliver specialist fraud training to more than 600 investigators in the UK
  • Eight new ECA staff will be recruited to support delivery of the training

The Economic Crime Academy (ECA) has received funding from the Home Office Transformation Fund (PTF) to support their project of delivering specialist fraud training to more than 600 investigators across the UK.

In the next two years, the ECA will use their share of the £2.9m PTF funding for economic crime to deliver their Specialist Fraud Investigators programme, which is now recognised by the College of Policing and is in their Professionalising Investigations Programme (PIP). To support the delivery of this two year project, eight new members of staff are being recruited by the ECA. 

Upon successful completion of the course, investigators will be entered onto the Specialist Fraud Investigator register for policing, and will be able to:

- Explain how to minimise the harm, loss and vulnerability in fraud related cases
- Develop sound investigative strategies for preventing, disrupting and investigating fraud
- Describe the range of schemes and financial transactions used to commit fraud within the UK economy

The ECA have developed a new one day bespoke course to build a cadre of national mentors for candidates who complete the Specialist Fraud Invesitgators programme. This course will sit alongside the programme and the mentors will coach and assess the candidates as they go onto complete their portfolios.  

With this new funding, the ECA are also in the process of procuring a new learning platform for all of their programmes to replicate real life situations during fraud investigations. As part of this, investigators will be able to interact with case studies in real time via video clips and phone calls.

Mike Betts, Head of Skills & Development at the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Academy, said:

“These are incredibly exciting times for the Economic Crime Academy, which prides itself on being at the heart of building the capacity and capability of counter fraud professionals across the world.”

"The mentors course is also a really important piece of work, which is very much aimed at having a sustainable way of building the number of specialist fraud investigatros we have up across the UK. 

“We’re grateful to the Home Office and Lloyds bank for this funding, which is going to significantly help us continue to deliver our Specialist Fraud Training programme.  The programme is the result of the vision and dedication of all those who have built and delivered the ECA over the past few years." 

A spokesperson for the Home Office, said:

“The Home Office recognised a need to boost the police’s capability to tackle economic crime and particularly fraud at the regional and local levels. The Police Transformation Fund is helping to contribute to professionalising the police’s response to economic crime”

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