Economic and Cyber Crime Academy Course Terms and Conditions


CoLP” means the City of London Police under the auspices of the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, (the Common Council) as Police Authority for the City of London , the entity conducting business under these terms: “Client” means the organisation booking or paying for a delegate: “Delegate” means a person attending a CoLP training course: “Charge” means the fee payable by the Client to CoLP inconsideration of CoLP providing the course: “Course” means the training course provided by CoLP and booked bythe Client in accordance with these Terms and Conditions: “Course Portfolio” means the CoLP course prospectus: “Location” means the venue at which the Course is to be held or such other Location deemed appropriate by CoLP: “Terms” means this set of terms and conditions governing the Client’s booking on a CoLP Course.

Equality Act 2010 and Equal Opportunities Policy

CoLP takes its legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 as amended by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 to promote equality of opportunity seriously. Each Delegate will be expected to abide by CoLP’s Equal Opportunity Policy (copies of which are available on request) at all times while at the Location and any behaviour which is deemed by CoLP in its absolute discretion to be a breach of that policy will result in that Delegate immediately being removed from the Course and the behaviour in question being reported to the Client.


Bookings must be submitted by the Client on an official CoLP Booking Form or Letter of Engagement issued by CoLP and countersigned by an authorised representative of the Client. Once the above has been received, processed and agreed, the booking will be confirmed by CoLP in writing and an invoice raised payable within 28 days and in advance of attending the course. Bookings made by the Client will only be accepted subject to these Terms and Conditions and a Booking by the Client will be taken as acceptance of and agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

Prices & Payments

 The course charges should be included in the Booking Form or Letter of Engagement.  Any relevant duties or taxes including VAT will be added to the Charges at the prevailing rate. Clients will be invoiced direct by CoLP and should render payment to the address shown on the invoice in accordance with the bookings procedure set out above.


Cancellation fees will apply once CoLP has confirmed the booking. The fee is based upon the price of the course. Notice of cancellation must be made by letter or email. If the Client advises CoLP of a cancellation or postponement more than eight weeks before the planned start date, no charge will apply. After this date, a sliding scale of charges will be applied as follows: .

·    Within 40 working days of course date– 25% of agreed Charge

·    Within 20 working days of the course– 50% of agreed Charge

·    Within 10 working days of the course– 75% of agreed Charge

·     Within 5 working days of the course – 100% of agreed Charge

If Client cancels a course for which it has engaged CoLP or a Delegate fails to attend a course the Client will still incur the full Charge for the course. Any appeals to the cancellation fees imposed must be made in writing to the CoLP for consideration.


Where applicable, CoLP will accept asubstitute Delegate from the Client providing they have the relevant experienceand/or qualifications (if needed for the particular Course). In order for thesubstitute to be accepted, CoLP must be informed in writing no later than 09:00on the last working day prior to the day of arrival

Accommodation & Travel Costs

All transport and accommodation costs for Delegates are the responsibility of the Client.


The Client shall ensure that its Delegates have attained any pre-requisite standards or qualifications, as set out in the Course literature, prior to attending the Course. CoLP reserves the right to refuse access to the Course at any time at its sole discretion if it appears to CoLP that a Delegate has not attained the prerequisite standards or qualifications for the Course in question.

Equipment and Belongings

CoLP will not accept liability for loss of or damage to any equipment or other belongings save where such loss or damage is due to the negligence of CoLP. Delegates are responsible for the care of such items and should ensure these are secured adequately when left unattended. 

Delegates are responsible for the safekeeping and appropriate usage of items loaned to them. Damage caused by inappropriate use or loss of such items will be charged to the Client.

Systems and Document Review

Where the Client or Delegate provides materials or processes for review or provides details of their systems or measures in place to protect against economic crime, such materials and processes, systems or measures are reviewed solely for the purposes of developing the agreed training course(s) and are not to be regarded as an audit for compliance purposes or security or systems adequacy. Neither the Common Council nor the CoLP accept any liability whatsoever in respect of such matters or for any failure or inadequacy in the Client’s systems or measures to protect against economic crime.

Health and Safety

Each Delegate will be expected to abide by CoLP’s Health & Safety Policy (copies of which are available on request) at all times while at the Location and any behaviour which is deemed by CoLP in its absolute discretion to be a breach of that policy will result in that Delegate immediately being removed from the Course and the behaviour in question being reported to the Client.


Badges or passes issued to all Delegates must be worn prominently at all times in all CoLP Locations or other premises used or connected with the Course or accommodation provided for it. CoLP reserves the right to refuse access to any Delegate who does not comply with the security procedures in place at the relevant Location.

Obligation to Report a Crime

The Parties acknowledge that police officers have a duty to report crimes which come or are brought to their attention although they may without obligation to do so agree to allow time for an initial self-investigation and self-reporting in line with any current and appropriate CPS or similar Guidance on Corporate Prosecutions.  

Freedom of Information

The parties acknowledge and accept that the Common Council and CoLP are bound by the Freedom of Information Act2000 (“FoIA”) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (“EIR’s”). In the event that the Common Council or the CoLP receive a request in respect of the either the FoIA or the EIR’s the Client agrees to assist the Common Councilor the CoLP as reasonably requested by them and without charge in responding to such request.

CoLP will, wherever reasonably practical, consult with the Client before disclosing information that relates to it but the Client  acknowledges and accepts that CoLP shall be responsible for determining at its absolute discretion whether any or all of the Confidential Information:

(a) is exempt from disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the FOIA or the Environmental Regulations; or

(b) is to be disclosed in response toa Request for Information (as such term is defined in the FoIA).

Right to Remove or Exclude

CoLP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove or exclude any Delegate from any CoLP Course or Location on grounds of misconduct or upon failure of any mandatory section of any Course without refund or other compensation and, where appropriate to exclude the Delegate from any futures courses run by or on behalf of CoLP.


CoLP reserves the right to postpone cancel or terminate the Course at any time with or without notice and to refund to the Client without deduction, any fees already paid to CoLP. CoLP shall have no further obligation or liability to the Client or the Delegate whatsoever.

Force Majeure

The provision of any Course may be totally or partially suspended by CoLP to the extent that delivery is prevented through any circumstance beyond its reasonable control. CoLP will not be liable for costs incurred by the Client or any Delegate.


CoLP retains its intellectual property rights in all of its materials, documents and software, none of which may be reproduced, modified, amended, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, otherwise than for the purposes of the CoLP Course for which its use was intended, without the prior written permission of CoLP.


No variation or amendment of these Terms will be valid unless evidenced in writing and signed by a duly authorised officer of CoLP. These terms supersede any prior written or verbal communication between the parties.

Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is made in England in accordance with and subject to English law and the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.