Open-Source Intelligence for Fraud Investigations – Advanced Level

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Open-Source Intelligence for Fraud Investigations – Advanced Level

This course aims to develop the skills obtained on the Foundation Course and further explore the opportunities available to an investigator or researcher when exploring the Internet.
A deeper understanding of the sub-surface functionality of the internet can bring significant benefits to your investigations. This course will focus on the tools and processes for extracting the relevant information and will make investigators and researchers more aware of the potential to extract further sources of evidence available to them from the surface and deep web, whilst protecting their own identity.

Law enforcement, internal audit, fraud departments, investigators in the private sector and government, finance, retail, government, legal, insolvency sectors.

This course is suitable for all regardless of experience. Participants should make sure that they are competent in the areas covered by the foundation course before attending.

  • Search engines, meta browsers, deep web and people search techniques
  • Geo-location tools for social media and photos
  • Tracing domain name owners, origin of an email and conducting deny list checks
  • Web 2.0 – social networking, blogs and online gaming
  • How to protect your privacy when investigating online


The course is divided into five modules.


Module One – e-Crime: how criminals use the Internet

Explore hacking communities, learn to interpret behaviours, hear how criminals use the dark net and hide their identity, and discuss viruses, malware and intrusions.


Module Two – Internet Update and Advanced Searching

Learn about a range of issues concerning IP and DNS, TCP/IP [explain], regional domain registrars, advanced search and reverse image search techniques, mapping tools, Google Custom Search, robot.txts, RSS and international news searching, company searching and court searches.


Module Three – Online investigations: website and email analysis

Understand WHOIS and IP Lookups, tracing host location, PING and Trace route commands, email headers, webpage source code, metadata threats including EXIF and tracing photos to a digital camera and location.


Module Four – Online investigations: social media investigation

Learn about conducting searches, locating subject profiles, gathering intelligence from a profile, using APIs to extract intelligence, how to use chat and instant messaging investigations as well as social networks and blogs, get up to speed on key Twitter and Facebook metadata search, conduct an advanced search on LinkedIn, and examine geo-location and associated tools.


Module Five – Digital evidence & Investigators’ Setup

Examine rules of evidence, types of evidence, informal discovery (OSINT), security considerations, collecting evidence, protecting your ID when online, TOR and associated privacy.

Two-day trainer-led course.

This course is delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Ongoing assessment throughout the course

Certificate from the Commissioner of the City of London Police

This course is delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams..


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