Cyber Courses

Modern fraud investigators require cyber knowledge and skills. Our cyber training courses aim to develop investigators understanding of the rapidly changing nature of the threats, focusing on detection, disruption and prevention.

Virtual Currency Investigators Course

The use of virtual currencies is rapidly increasing, but where do you begin when trying to investigate them? Does the responsibility lie with the Cyber Crime unit or the Economic Crime unit? Would you know how to seize them securely and which legislation to use? Do you understand the risks associated with retaining virtual assets?
Providing participants with recent investigation experience and examples, practical demonstrations using Chainalysis software and the use of a virtual currency ATM, this course intends to give all participants a non-technical experience and aims to provide them with the required tools, knowledge and understanding to confidently prepare for and investigate, seize, retain and realise virtual assets such as virtual currencies.

Internet Investigations Foundation Course

With the Internet and its supporting technologies now essential for everyday activities, digital footprints are being left online making it easier than ever for someone to trace and monitor another person.
The amount of data floating in cyber space is ever-increasing and the Internet has become a vital tool as web browsers, search engines and social media monitoring tools have all developed with far more capabilities to aid in the retrieval of information – if you know where to look.
The foundation and advanced internet investigation courses are designed for anyone who wishes to use the Internet more effectively and safely allowing them the freedom of conducting searches (due diligence, asset tracing) but without the risk of exposure.  It will identify productive search techniques exploring both surface, deep and dark web data and will focus on advanced techniques and new and emerging search engines and investigation strategies.

Internet Investigations Advanced Course

Open-Source Intelligence for Fraud Investigations – Advanced Level

This course aims to develop the skills obtained on the Foundation Course and further explore the opportunities available to an investigator or researcher when exploring the Internet. 

 A deeper understanding of the sub-surface functionality of the internet can bring significant benefits to your investigations.  This course will focus on the tools and processes for extracting the relevant information and will make investigators and researchers more aware of the potential to extract further sources of evidence available to them from the surface and deep web, whilst protecting their own identity.

Demystifying Cybercrime (for non-technical audiences)

Over 80% of reported fraud is cyber-enabled, it also features widely in other forms of crime, from trafficking to attacks on critical national infrastructure.

This course has been designed for those without an IT background.  Using simple analogies and practical activities that everyone can take part in comfortably, we demystify the complex and provide clear, non-technical guidance for audiences drawn from any sector and any role.

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